Interview with Michelle Palmer

Michelle Palmer

Happy Day After Labor Day! It is now officially campaign season, and that means it is also now officially Candidate Interview Season. (It’s also Judicial Candidate Q&A season, which you’ve already seen.) I’ll have a lineup of interviews to bring you between now and Election Day. Today we begin with a candidate we met in 2018, Michelle Palmer, making a second run for the State Board of Education in district 6. She came pretty close in 2020, but faces a tougher challenge this year after redistricting. Palmer is a history and government teacher and advocate for her students. She’s also a busy Democratic activist and organizer. I interviewed her for the 2020 primary, and I’m back to talk to her again about this year’s race.

I published a complete list of interviews and Q&As up till now yesterday. I’ll include a running list of the November interviews and Q&As as we go. As always, a full list of all this activity and a lot more about each Democratic candidate can be found in the Erik Manning spreadsheet.

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