Filing season for 2024 begins today

Happy First Day of Candidate Filing to all who celebrate.

The Democratic and Republican slates will begin to take shape this weekend once candidates start filing their paperwork to run.

Several Harris County officials plan to file for re-election, such as Democratic County Attorney Christian Menefee, Democratic Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Republican Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey, Democratic Sheriff Ed Gonzalez and Democratic District Attorney Kim Ogg.

Ogg faces a well-funded Democratic primary challenge from former Harris County prosecutor Sean Teare.

Houston Councilmember Mike Knox, a Republican former police officer, announced earlier this year that he plans to run for sheriff.

Democratic Tax Assessor-Collector Ann Harris Bennett, who oversees voter registration, announced last month that she won’t seek re-election, leaving an open seat.

See here and here for more on Sean Teare, and here for more on Ann Harris Bennett. I got an email yesterday from Desiree Broadnax, who was a candidate for District Clerk in 2022, who is now as far as I know the first person to announce a campaign to succeed Bennett. I feel confident she will have company in that race.

We’ve already got a pretty full slate out there, including two candidates (Amanda Edwards and Isaiah Martin) for CD18 and four candidates (Molly Cook, Karthik Soora, Rep. Jarvis Johnson, and Todd Litton) for SD15. As the story notes, the loser in the Mayoral runoff will still have time to re-file for their old office if they choose, which could make things chaotic and/or awkward if it comes to that. There are always some surprises as filing season progresses. Today is when we start to find out what they are.

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