Dispatches from Dallas, February 16 edition

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This week, in news from Dallas-Fort Worth, we have election news of all sorts leading into the primary. Early voting starts next week! We also have a grab bag of items from the last six weeks from the hotel explosion in Fort Worth last month to the unveiling of a new mural honoring Juanita Craft in South Dallas last week. We also have another zoo baby for you to enjoy!

This week’s post was brought to you by the music of Ludovico Einaudi.

Let’s start with election news. As you know, we’re about to start voting in the primaries in this part of Texas, and a lot of people have opinions.

The Fort Worth Report ran stories about the Republican debates they sponsored for Tarrant County candidates last week. This week they have the Democratic candidate debates for CD 12, HD 97, and Tarrant County precinct 1. Here’s a second story about the Precinct One Democratic race. In Precinct 8, we have a residential eligibility case that will be heard on March 1. The Star-Telegram has a voter guide out for Fort Worth and Tarrant County including an overview, the Star-Telegram’s recommendations, and sample ballots for both primaries.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, we have the DMN’s recommendations, which are mostly pro-incumbent and anti-Paxton on the Republican side, including Craig Goldman in CD 12 and Frederick Frazier as the best of a bad lot in HD61. (He’s the sign stealer.) Which is not to say they won’t choose none of the above or even withdraw a recommendation the way they did in the Republican primary in SD 30 when their man turned out to be open to secession. Their ballot guide will generate the set of candidates on each side of the aisle for your address.

There’s also a grab bag of local stories that might interest folks:

And last but not least, because everybody should know about this one: Laura Pressley, a voter fraud activist from Austin, held a poll watcher training session at a church in Arlington on Tuesday. When a Star-Telegram reporter turned up to check it out, they refused the reporter entry. I don’t usually do archive links but I really want you to read this story, so please take a look.

In other news:

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