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Robinson Warehouse – The sliding floor

The Robinson Warehouse demolition just keeps rolling along. Since Wednesday, the main feature here is the imminent destruction of that third floor area, which thanks to the removal of the second floor appears to be sliding forward into the pit beneath it. As I took these pictures, the wrecking ball was working on one of the support columns holding that piece up. If they’re working over the weekend, I’d expect this to be gone by Monday.

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Here you can see the wrecking ball in action. That column it’s bashing is not long for this world.

Here’s a view of the front facade from the southeast corner at Montrose and Allen Parkway.

Not much change here from the last time.

Another view of the front. I wonder if this will be next to go, or if they’ll work their way back and save this for last.

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One Comment

  1. walter says:

    Why tear this down? I would think it would have made nice loft condos. Used to drive by here everyday on my way to UofH.
    Thank goodness I live somewhere with landmarking (and zoning) now. My hometown will have no charm if I ever (not likely) return. Sad.