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Weekend link dump for April 5

Play ball!

I do not have, nor do I ever intend to have, a man cave. Yet I somehow remain confident in my own masculinity.

If you’re going to make a plea for sympathy, it helps to actually be a sympathetic figure.

I don’t consider “The Lincoln Lawyer” to be Michael Connelly’s best work – actually, I think it’s one of his lesser works, though that still makes it better than most other mystery novels – but it is one of his more filmable works. Given that, I feel no need to be alarmed at the potential casting of the lead character.

Yeah, I have no words, either.

Dear Microsoft: If you’re going to run an ad that portrays a “real” person doing “real” things, it looks bad if that person turns out to be an actor who isn’t allowed to talk to anyone about that “real” experience. I’m just sayin’.

Yeah, like you’ve never wanted to do this.

Nothing like economic hard times to cure a resort town of its spring break phobia.

What’s that you say? The Social Security Trust Fund is in trouble? If only we’d put all of that money into private accounts when we had the chance!

Wait, now you’re telling me that most celebrity Twitter feeds are actually ghost tweeted? My world is falling apart! Thank $deity for The Real Shaq.

When wingnuts collide. There’s not enough popcorn in the world to fully appreciate that.

Man coughs up a nail that was stuck in his nose for 30 years. Man, I hate it when that happens.

What’s up with all this self-plagiarism in the comics pages these days?

Where budget projections and “Star Trek” intersect. Boldly, of course.

On average, I post between four and six items a day, often a bit less on weekends. That puts me right in the Jim Henley sweet spot for blog production volume. I look forward to being added to your blogroll, Jim.

The coalition of the wild-eyed.

New frontiers in sore loserdom. I keep thinking they can’t top themselves, and they keep proving me wrong.

Republicans are mad about the census choice because his ability to do his job correctly might benefit Democrats. Yeah, that pretty much is the last eight years in a nutshell.

How is it possible that I wasn’t informed about National Cleavage Day? Thank God The Bloggess was on top of things.

What 8 classic TV shows were almost called. Via McGuff.

The dark side of trying to expand your preschooler’s vocabulary.

Julie rebuts John.

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