Candidate interview: Carol Alvarado

Note: This entry is part of a series of recorded interviews with non-judicial candidates in contested Democratic primaries. I am also doing written Q&As with judicial candidates.

I’ve been a fan of Carol Alvarado for some time now – pretty much throughout her term in City Council, in fact. I generally like where she is on the issues, and I definitely like that she’s not afraid to be out in front of those issues. From the new city smoking regulations, to term limits, to immigration matters, she’s talked the talk and walked the walk. The Lege could use some more of that, and so I support her candidacy. She’s clearly the best candidate running to fill Rick Noriega‘s shoes in HD145.

The one question about Alvarado’s candidacy that has concerned some Democrats is expressed by Paul Burka: “Some Ds think Alvarado is ‘squishy’ in the speaker’s race, due to conflicts with [Rep. Jessica] Farrar and [Rep. Ana] Hernandez.” To that I can say two things: One, I don’t think Rep. Garnet Coleman would be listed as an endorser if “squishiness” were a real concern. And two, well, listen to the interview. The issue gets discussed pretty early on.


Jim Wrotenbery, candidate for 125th District Court (Civil).

Diane Trautman, candidate for Harris County Tax Assessor.

Judge Susan Criss, candidate for the Texas Supreme Court, Position 8.

Joe Jaworski, candidate for State Senate, District 11.

Baltasar D. Cruz, candidate for Texas Supreme Court, Position 7.

State Rep. Garnet Coleman, District 147.

Armando Walle, candidate for State Representative, District 140.

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