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HISD Trustee Diana Davila resigns

This was unexpected.

HISD trustee Diana Dávila said Wednesday she will resign from the school board Thursday, more than a year before her term ends.

Dávila, who was first elected to the school board in 2003, said she is stepping down because of “personal family issues.” Dávila is married to Abel Dávila, the former chairman of the Houston Community College board who decided unexpectedly last year not to seek re-election. They have two children, ages 6 and 8.

“There are certain things going on in our lives currently that need our attention,” she said. “We have our own personal businesses that require some of our attention. And I have two growing children that require more of mommy’s attention.”

Dávila said her husband is expanding his pharmacy business, and she and her parents own a restaurant.

She said her resignation is not related to the article in the Houston Chronicle on Sunday that said she had tried to appoint her husband to an Houston Independent School District committee that oversees a nearly $1 billion construction program, a move the district’s inspector general concluded was a conflict of interest.

Dávila then recommended her political campaign manager, Manuel Barrera Jr., to the Bond Oversight Committee. Barrera resigned from that post Sunday, complaining that the newspaper story was intended to embarrass Hispanics.

Here’s that Sunday story, which I didn’t see while I was out of town. I wish the Dávilas the best with their personal business, but after the deadline day shenanigans from last year, I can’t say I’m particularly grieved by this turn of events. I’m just curious as to what will happen to her seat.

HISD’s private attorney, David Thompson, explained that state law specific to HISD says the board “shall” appoint a replacement to fill any vacancies. The person would serve until the next regular election, which is in November 2011. But the law also says that “should the board for any reason fail or refuse to fill” an open spot, it must call a special election.

I’m rooting for the special election to happen, which Dávila says is her preference as well. We’ll see what action the board takes. Hair Balls and School Zone have more.

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