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Rick Perry feels persecuted by gay people

I got nothin‘.

But does Tinky Winky like corndogs?

But does Tinky Winky like corndogs?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) said Sunday that he believes rejecting LGBT people is similar to fighting slavery during the pre-Civil War era.

Appearing on the Family Research Council‘s program “Stand With Scouts Sunday,” the arch conservative governor urged the Boy Scouts to stand strong against any impulse to “tear apart” the organization’s values and replace them with the “flavor of the month.”

“The fact is, this is a private organization,” Perry said of the Boy Scouts. “Their values and principles have worked for a century now. And for pop culture to come in and try to tear that up, which happens to be the flavor of the month so to speak, and to tear apart one of the great organizations that has served millions of young men, helped them become men and great fathers, that is just not appropriate and I hope the American people will stand up and say, ‘Not on my watch.’”


Perry added that the greatest governor in Texas’s history, Gov. Sam Houston, opposed slavery and opposed leaving the union in the pre-Civil War era. “That’s the type of principled leadership, that’s the type of courage, that I hope people across this country, on this issue of scouts and keeping the Boy Scouts the organization it is today, [will have],” he said.

“And if we change and become more like pop culture, young men will be not as well served,” he concluded. “America will not be as well served, and Boy Scouts will start on a decline that I don’t think will serve this country well as we go into the future.”

Generally speaking, if you have to try to persuade people that you’re on the same side of an issue that MLK or Gandhi or Frederick Douglass or Jesus Christ would be, instead of letting people reach the obvious conclusion that you’re on the same side of the issue as those people would be, then you’re probably not on the same side as they. And opposition to inequality isn’t a fad, no matter how much Rick Perry wants it to be. So you tell me which way leads to the Boy Scouts continuing on the decline that has long since started for them. Hair Balls has more.

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  1. Katy Anders says:

    I love that: “Flavor of the month.”

    Most gay folks I know are probably only gay because Lady Gaga convinced them it was cool.

    Next month, we’ll be on to the next cool thing. Sure, it’s kind of disgusting and all, but I’m way more popular now!

    We Texans need to stand together against the rights and acceptance of other Texans!

  2. Stephen says:

    Oh, this has been their reasoning for quite a while…

  3. Yvonne Larsen says:

    Civil freedoms should be tossed aside for every group that disagrees with you, right?