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What do you want in a new HISD Superintendent?

Take the survey and let them know.

Terry Grier

Terry Grier

The Houston school board has started seeking community input on the desired traits for a new superintendent, with the goal of hiring a new leader by July.

A survey posted on the district’s website lists 33 qualities and asks parents, students, teachers, staff and others to pick the 10 they deem most important.

A few choices focus on resume material: Should the applicant have earned a doctorate, worked in a similar district, and/or have non-traditional experience in the military or in business? Some ask about personality traits: Should the applicant inspire trust, be a strong communicator and/or be able to delegate authority while maintaining accountability.

The online form also allows for open comments.

The survey, provided by the search firm Ray and Associates, does not appear  to be specific to Houston, the nation’s seventh-largest district. An Internet search reveals the Iowa-based firm used the same list of 33 qualities for a search in the much-smaller Joliet school system. Other districts using the firm also referenced a 33-quality survey on their websites, but the list of traits no longer were live online.

Unclear how long that survey will be up, but the HISD Superintendent Search page says the process could begin in March – current Superintendent Terry Grier’s last day is February 29 – so assume a month or so. There will be a series of community meetings to solicit input, but they have not been scheduled yet. We may get an interim super appointed at today’s Board meeting. What qualities do you want in the next Super? Take the survey and let your voice be heard.

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