2018 primary runoff results: Congress and Legislature

All results are here. I began drafting this around 9:30 when there were still a bunch of precincts out, but with the exception of the tossup in CD25, all of the Congressional races were pretty clear by then:

CD03: Lorie Burch
CD06: Jana Sanchez
CD07: Lizzie Fletcher
CD10: Mike Siegel
CD21: Joseph Kopser
CD22: Sri Kulkarni
CD23: Gina Ortiz Jones
CD27: Eric Holguin
CD31: MJ Hegar
CD32: Colin Allred

At the time I started writing this, Julie Oliver led in CD25 by 70 votes out of almost 18,000 cast and about three quarters of precincts reporting. Later on, she had pulled out to a five point lead, so add her to the winners’ list as well.

On the legislative side, Rita Lucido was leading in SD17, Sheryl Cole had a modest lead in HD46 with most precincts reporting, Carl Sherman had a much bigger lead in HD109, and longtime Rep. Rene Oliveira had been shown the door.

As for the Republicans, Dan Crenshaw won big in CD02, Lance Gooden won in CD05, so no more Republican women in Congress, Chip Roy and Michael Cloud led in CDs 21 and 27, respectively. The wingnuts in HDs 08 and 121 lost, and incumbent Rep. Scott Cosper lost.

Congratulations to all the winners. I’ll have some more coherent thoughts on all these races in the next day or so.

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5 Responses to 2018 primary runoff results: Congress and Legislature

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    I’m disappointed that Lizzie won, if it means being subjected to her idiotic commercial again. “Now Donald Trump is threatening EVERY Houston family.”

    Really? I’ve asked around, and nobody I know, work with, or talk to feels threatened by Donald Trump. Of course, I didn’t survey any illegal aliens or gang bangers, so maybe there are some folks Trump did threaten. I didn’t think there could be a campaign ad worse than Kathaleen Wall’s ad, but, well, here it is.

  2. Alex Wagner says:

    When I read “no more Republican women in Congress,” my first thought was, “Wait, Kay Granger retired? When did that happen?” I realize what you meant, but that was a little confusing at first.

  3. Manny Barrera says:

    Some people need a little more diversity in their reading and friends, they are stuck in a swamp. Link hundreds that Trump has threatened in the last 2 and half years, does not include killing the family of the woman that accused him of raping her when she a minor.


  4. Manny Barrera says:

    America and Democracy are threaten by Trump and his supporters, real Americans would recognize the threat. Trump and all the judges appointed since the election are illegitimate pawns of the Russians.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Plenty of Houston families are threatened by the lack of competitiveness as shown by Amazon not even considering us as a top 20 choice thanks in part to bad transportation. We should look to the future. It’s absurd you can’t even take a walk in the park in this city after it rains because of lack of drainage. There are plenty of jobs to go around for infrastructure investment.

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