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LULAC joins TDP’s federal mail ballot lawsuit

More plaintiffs, more fun.

A prominent Latino civil rights group is jumping into the fight to expand Texas’ voting-by-mail eligibility, alleging the restriction that limits age eligibility for voting by mail to those 65 and older disproportionately harms Texas Latinos because they tend to be younger in age.

The League of United Latin American Citizens’ national and Texas arms signed on Tuesday to the Texas Democratic Party’s federal lawsuit against the state raising claims that the state’s absentee voting restriction is unconstitutional and violates the federal Voting Rights Act’s prohibition on discrimination against voters based on race.

“All voters will face substantial health risks by voting in person. But the consequences of voting in person will not be equally shared among Texas’ demographic populations,” reads LULAC’s complaint, which was filed in federal court in San Antonio.

LULAC cited census estimates that show nearly two out of every three adults older than 65 in Texas are white, indicating that the pool of voters eligible to request a ballot they can fill out at home and mail in is predominantly white.

“This means that the younger and minority voters, including many of LULAC Plaintiffs’ members, are disproportionately harmed by Defendants’ enforcement of the Eligibility Criteria,” the organization argued. “Nearly a third of Texas’s Latino voters are between the ages of 18-29.”

See here for the background. As noted, there’s a hearing this Friday for this suit. There’s also the age discrimination lawsuit and the undue burdens lawsuit, both in federal court, and the other TDP lawsuit, in state court. Kind of amazing there are this many seemingly viable arguments for allowing greater access to mail ballots, isn’t it? Almost like our state laws are overly restrictive. Doesn’t mean any of these will make it past the Fifth Circuit, but they’re going to have to work hard to shoot these all down.

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  1. Wolfgang says:


    Texas Attorney General files petition for writ of mandamus asking SCOTX to review whether local election officials may allow applicants to claim a disability due to coronavirus pandemic and vote by mail.

    No 20-0394

    Issue Presented

    Whether Respondents have a duty to reject applications for mail-in ballots that
    claim “disability” under Texas Election Code section 82.002(a) based solely on the generalized risk of contracting a virus.

    No 20-0394
    In the Supreme Court of Texas
    In re State of Texas, Relator.
    On Petition for Writ of Mandamus
    to the Harris County Clerk, the Travis County Clerk,
    the Dallas County Elections Administrator, the Cameron County Elections
    Administrator, and the El Paso County Elections Administrator


    Ken Paxton
    Attorney General of Texas

  2. Jules says:

    Why do republicans want everyone to die?

  3. Bill Daniels says:

    “Why do Republicans want everyone to die?”

    Not everyone, Jules, just the blacks and Mexicans that the Wuhan virus seems to particularly target.

    Hope this helps.

    (sarcasm, people, in case it isn’t clear)

    Bottom line, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. Likewise, if you can shop at HEB, you can vote in person. Set up the polling stations in HEB’s, if it makes you feel more comfortable. The virus doesn’t shop at HEB, apparently.

  4. Manny says:

    Bill that is not sarcasm, you have advocated shooting people before.

    “Just shoot any person that crosses the demarcation line” Bill Daniels on 1/14/2019

    “Have the demarcation line of the border very clearly marked , have another line 50 feet into the interior of the US clearly marked, and give orders for the soldiers to shoot to kill any person entering the kill zone from the Mexican side, period. Women? Children? Old people? Military age males? Waste anyone that crosses from Mexico into the US. Back that up with predator drones . and perhaps an A-10 every 3 or 4 hundred miles, for close air support for larger groups, and you’ve secured the border, with no fences. ” Bill Daniels

    Bill, maybe someone that is not aware of the hate you have for people you don’t like, would believe it was sarcasm.

    For years I have often stated and wrote that if the Republicans wanted to get rid of fraud they should start with mail in voting, but off course mail in voting was usually older white Republicans.

    I don’t hear the Republicans say they want to get rid of all mail in voting, if they were pushing that maybe I could believe that they care about voting fraud.

    Republicans are mean vicious humans, the world would be a better place without them.

  5. Jules says:

    Yes, sarcasm just like Trump saying injecting disinfectant is sarcasm.

    Why do republicans want everyone to die and why don’t republicans know what sarcasm is?

  6. Bill Daniels says:

    Thanks, Manny. That was a great post on how to stop the flood of illegal aliens pouring across our border, and all without a wall (because walls are racist, or something). Of course, if your goal is demographic replacement, flooding the country with people who will vote for whoever offers them the most handouts, you might not be interested in stopping the irregular army of illegals entering the US.

  7. Manny says:

    Bill I am glad that you admitted that you have no qualms about shooting, children, women or men. At least you did not deny it.

    So having people die is not sarcasm when you make such statements;

    Jules, “Why do Republicans want everyone to die?”

    Bill Daniels, “Not everyone, Jules, just the blacks and Mexicans that the Wuhan virus seems to particularly target”.

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