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Dueling over documentation

Well, this sort of thing is never good for prosecutors: The Travis County DA’s office has said that they do not have a list of Texas candidates who received money alleged to have been laundered through the Republican National Committee, … Continue reading Continue reading

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You can have my ferret when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers

What exactly is one to make of a story like this? A student has filed an Americans With Disabilities Act complaint against a university because it won’t let her keep her pet ferret at her dormitory. Freshman Sarah Sevick, 19, … Continue reading Continue reading

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What makes you laugh?

Time for a little lighter fare: Amanda asks the question “What makes you laugh every time you see it, no matter how many times you see a movie?” I can think of several movies that always work for me, but … Continue reading Continue reading

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CHIP applications

I know there’s a lot of screwed up stuff going on at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, what with their cost-ineffective privatization and all, but you’d think they could still get the basics right. As detailed in a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Malone’s move to KHMX

Here’s the Chron story about Sam Malone replacing Roula and Ryan on Mix 96.5, which as you can see from the comments here is generating a lot of complaints from R&R fans. I’ll admit that you won’t get rich betting … Continue reading Continue reading

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