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October 17th, 2005:

Eight for District B

I don’t know a whole lot about the candidates in the race to replace term-limited Carole Mims Galloway in City Council District B this year, but since there’s not likely to be much more news coverage on that race than this story, you’d best read it if you live there. You can also read the (60 words or less) candidate responses to the questions in the LVW Voters’ Guide, though unfortunately Felicia Galloway-Hall, daughter of incumbent Galloway and one of the apparent frontrunners in the race, did not respond in time. I don’t really have much to add to this – if you know more about these candidates, please leave a comment.

Congrats to the White Sox

Congratulations to the White Sox for winning the American League pennant and thus finally killing their Lack Of Good Marketing Curse. I’m glad that nobody really cares about the agonies of being a White Sox fan – 88 years since their last World Series victory, 46 years since the previous AL flag. I just don’t think I could stand two consecutive “Fever Pitch” championships. God help us all if the Cubs ever get this far.

The possibility that the Chisox might be playing the never-won-a-pennant Astros should make for a good story line if it comes to that. It’s a little hard after last night’s game not to think that the Stros might have Destiny on their side, though as Joe Sheehan reminds us, if they lose tonight they’ll be in the same position they were last year, up 3-2 and heading back to Saint Louis. Go ahead and chill the champagne, but don’t loiter around the fridge just yet.

As for the disputed strike call against Jim Edmonds last night, I confess that as I saw it in real time, I thought “Ball four”. On replay, I didn’t think it was the worst call I’d ever seen – top 25 maybe, just not Worst Ever. Edmonds clearly had a beef about it, and he’s far from the only player in any series to have cause for complaint about the randomly-generated “strike zone”. That said, he has no excuse for getting himself tossed. He’d already seen Tony LaRussa get the heave-ho for arguing ball and strike calls; there was no percentage in bitching about it. Shut up and step back into the box, it’s a full count now. And maybe, just maybe, Beelzebud Selig might give some thought to a better way of picking which umpires get to call playoff games next year.

Texas Bigfoot redux

You may recall from my previous post on the Texas Bigfoot Research Center that they have an annual conference in the fall to discuss the state of Bigfoot research. Well, that conference was this past weekend. One can only imagine what their Powerpoint presentations look like, but let’s consider these statements from a couple of scientists:

Jimmy Chilcutt, a retired fingerprint analysis expert for the Conroe Police Department, said many of the hundreds of prints he examined belonged to a primate, but not a human, ape, gorilla or chimpanzee.

Like Chilcutt, other well-respected professionals have come forward to say such evidence should not be dismissed.

“To me it’s still an open question, but here’s some evidence that warrants some serious consideration, so give it a chance,” said Jeff Meldrum, associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University who has studied more than 150 casts of footprints. “This is not a paranormal question; it’s a biological question.”

My mind is perfectly open, fellas. All I require in order to believe is some recent anatomical remains that can be conclusively shown not to belong to any known primate. If there’s 2000 Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) skulking around North America, sooner or later a body’s got to turn up. Find me one and then we’ll talk.

For more genuine information, read the entry from the James Randi Educational Foundation Encyclopedia, plus this recent tale of Bigfoot evidence put to the DNA test.

Year of the Independent…or not

From the Governing Magazine blog, on the possibility that 2006 will see a rise in independent candidates at the statewide level:

I can’t name a single credible candidate for governor in 2006 who isn’t a Democrat or Republican.

I can’t say for certain if that’s an assessment of Kinky Friedman’s campaign or just a tacit admission that he’s unaware of it. Given that magazine’s primary focus, I’m inclined to say the former. Either way, I found it amusing. Link via Political Wire.

More proposition positions

Karl-T has the official positions of the Young Conservatives of Texas on the nine ballot propositions. Some of them, notably Prop 1, are in agreement with those of the University Democrats. Make of that what you will. Karl-T will have his preferences posted shortly. Assuming I can ever make up my mind on these things, I’ll try to follow suit when I can.

Latinos for Texas appears to be gearing up to work its way through the nine propositions. Here’s what they’ve got on Prop One. No “yea” or “nay” is given, but there’s a lot more context and background than anything else I’ve seen, so that’s useful. I’ll be checking back on this for more.

On a more general note, the invaluable League of Women Voters Guide to this election in Houston is now online. Thanks to Progressive Texan for the link.