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Weekend link dump for June 7

In honor of Olivia’s fifth birthday yesterday, the celebration of which we are still recovering from. Ain’t no party like a five-year-old birthday party, ’cause a five-year-old birthday party don’t quit. The last survivor of the “Titanic” has passed away … Continue reading

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Yet another Astrodome plan

It’s a convention center, it’s a movie studio, it’s a planetarium. Add a planetarium to the myriad ideas for what to do with the Reliant Astrodome, Houston’s iconic stadium whose future has hung in uncertainty as officials and entrepreneurs have … Continue reading

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600 sq mi: Hidden

Two years ago, Houstonist sponsored a photography show called 600 sq mi, which was about everything Houston. They’re doing it again this year, with a show called “600 sq mi: Hidden”. Houstonist is proud to announce 600 sq mi: Hidden, our … Continue reading

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Handmade Toy Alliance update

My cousin Jill Chuckas, who first alerted me to the Handmade Toy Alliance and its efforts to modify the CPSIA back in January, recently sent me an update on the HTA and its activities at this time. You can read … Continue reading

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