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Leo’s response

Here, for the record, is Harris County Tax Assessor Leo Vasquez’s response to the Ed Johnson business. Basically, he denies everything, admits to nothing, and makes counter-accusations, certainly a time-honored technique when under attack. I’ll stipulate that the charges against … Continue reading

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HOPE press conference on employee efficiency suggestions

Ever think that the city’s employees probably have some good ideas for how they could conduct their business in a more efficient manner? Well, the Houston Organization for Public Employees (HOPE) thought so, and they conducted a three-week survey of … Continue reading

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One more judicial race

This was mentioned as a sidebar to a story about Governor Perry signing a bill, but I think it deserves more than that. There’s a new justice on the First Court of Appeals, which means there will be one more … Continue reading

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Critics criticize: Film at 11

I’m going to outsource most of the commentary on this week’s Move It! column about Metro critics criticizing Metro for doing something they disagree with to Greg, who says most of what I’d say. The main thing I’d add is … Continue reading

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Big balloon lawsuit

This ought to be interesting. The constitutional right to have a giant inflatable gorilla in a bathing suit and sunglasses grabbing consumer attention from a Houston business rooftop is the key issue in a trial that began in federal court … Continue reading

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Now how much would you pay for that truck?

Sorry, fellas. You’re coming to the wrong place for sympathy on this. When it comes to iconic symbols of Texas, big trucks and SUVs rank right up there with cowboy hats and boots. But a new White House plan to … Continue reading

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