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So what happens now?

Hell if I know. In a last-minute legislative meltdown, the Texas Senate adjourned Monday night without passing key measures to avert a shutdown of the Texas Department of Transportation and other state agencies, raising the specter of a special session … Continue reading

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Time for a change

I think this sums it up, for the most part: After nearly seven years with Movable Type, I’ve switched over to WordPress, which has proven to be quicker and more flexible. Thanks to the diligence of Greg Wythe, this should … Continue reading

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TxDOT lives, Lege adjourns

The threat of a special session has been averted…we think. The House just voted to work the Legislature out of a jam by keeping open the Texas Department of Transportation and other state agencies at risk of closing. Members needed … Continue reading

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One threat of a special session averted, another arises

Gah. In a surprise ending to the second-to-last day of the legislative session, the House failed to pass the so-called sunset safety net bill, HB1959, before the midnight deadline tonight for the chamber to approve bills. The bill would allow … Continue reading

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Burnam drops impeachment resolution

I had wondered what would happen with Rep. Lon Burnam’s resolution to impeach Sharon Keller, given that we were coming down to the wire and there was a lot of pressing business that needed to be taken care of in … Continue reading

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You say “succeed”, I say “secede”

Bleah. Lawmakers in the Texas House sent the U.S. Congress a message on Saturday to mind its own business. But just so no one gets the wrong message, House Concurrent Resolution 50 now says that Texas is still proud to … Continue reading

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Annie’s List kicks off the 2010 elections

Even for me, it’s a little early to be thinking about most of the 2010 races, especially for the State House. But I’m glad it’s not too early for some folks, such as Annie’s List. Here’s an email they’ve sent … Continue reading

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Glass recycling

Interesting story about recycling glass bottles from restaurants. [Mark] Austin, 54, is the founder of We CAN Recycle, a Houston nonprofit that picks up empty bottles from local businesses and drops them at a glass recycling plant on the South … Continue reading

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