Interview with Ben Chou

Ben Chou

This week I will focus on what may be the most important local race, for Commissioners Court in Precinct 4. As you know, in the new Commissioners Court map, Precinct 4 was redrawn as Democratic-leaning, which gives Dems the opportunity to unseat incumbent Commissioner Jack Cagle and take a 4-1 majority. There are seven candidates in the Democratic primary, and I have interviews lined up with five of them. We start today with Ben Chou, a Houston native and Rice graduate. Chou is an attorney who has worked in politics for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. More recently, he served as the Director of Innovation for the Harris County Clerk’s Office during the 2020 election, leading the team that pioneered drive-through voting. If you remember that preview of what Commissioners Court redistricting might look like from early last year, it was Chou who provided the maps. Here’s what we talked about:

As with the judicial Q&A’s, more information about Democratic primary candidates, including links to the interviews and judicial Q&As, can be found on Erik Manning’s spreadsheet. I will periodically round up the links to these posts as well.

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