Interview with Charlene Ward Johnson

Charlene Ward Johnson

In less than a month, it will be time to vote in the May special election, which for some people will include the special election in HCC District 2 to fill the seat left vacant by Rhonda Skillern-Jones’ resignation. Four candidates are on the ballot, and this week I will present to you interviews with each of them. We begin today with Charlene Ward Johnson, who is a UH graduate with a master’s in organizational management. She has worked in the electric utility and customer service industry for over 25 years and is on the board of several community organizations – Vice President of the Greater Houston Frontiers, President of her neighborhood’s Civic Club, and President of University of Houston Black Alumni Association. Here’s what we talked about:

Look for the interviews with the other candidates later this week. I will also have interviews for the May 24 Democratic primary runoffs after that.

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