Dispatches from Dallas, August 4 edition

This is a weekly feature produced by my friend Ginger. Let us know what you think.

This week, in news from Dallas-Fort Worth, we have another grab bag: Texans, and specifically North Texans, with J6 arrests and convictions; the return of Matt Krause; legislative business about “street takeovers” and period product tax; are Dallas ordinances dealing with prostitution and panhandling constitutional?; how we’re doing in Dallas with scooters; Pee-Wee Herman’s Alamo connection (RIP); Dallas Mavericks Barbie; and a new breed of avocados is working its way to our grocery stores.

This week’s post was brought to you by the music of Culture Club and Howard Jones, whom I will be seeing next week, and you should too if you’re in a town where they’re playing.

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