Interview with Chris Hollins

Chris Hollins

We’ve had a few familiar names among the candidates for office so far, but I daresay there’s only one who qualifies as a national name. That would be Chris Hollins, who drew national plaudits for his efforts to make the November 2020 election in Harris County safe and accessible for all. This had the unfortunate effect of putting a target on Harris County for Republicans, but that’s a fight we were always going to have. Hollins, who is principal attorney for the Hollins Law Group and was a management consultant with McKinsey, has served on the Metro board and as Vice Chair for Finance for the Texas Democratic Party. I interviewed him before about his time filling in as Harris County Clerk and running the 2020 election, which you can find here. You can listen to my interview with him for this campaign here:

Kathy Blueford-Daniels
Dani Hernandez
Judith Cruz
Plácido Gómez
Mario Castillo
Cynthia Reyes-Revilla
Joaquin Martinez
Tarsha Jackson
Leah Wolfthal
Melanie Miles
Abbie Kamin
Sallie Alcorn
Letitia Plummer
Nick Hellyar
Obes Nwabara
Danielle Bess
Holly Vilaseca
Marina Coryat
Donnell Cooper
Twila Carter
Casey Curry
James Joseph
Mary Nan Huffman
Richard Cantu
Fair For Houston/Yes On Prop B
Lesley Briones on the Harris Health System bond referendum
Dave Martin

That’s it for Controller candidates. I reached out to Shannan Martin but have not heard back from her; if she does get in touch with me you’ll see that interview later. I did not get in touch with Orlando Sanchez because life is short and I didn’t want to talk to him. The bonus interview will be tomorrow. I know I said it would be Mayor candidates after that, but for various reasons I have decided to wait for the runoff on that one. I’ll have more to say about that later, but for now barring any latecomers, this week will be the wrap on interviews. The Erik Manning spreadsheet is here. My previous posts about the 2023 HISD election are here and here. My posts about the July campaign finance reports for City Council candidates are here and here, and my post about the July campaign finance reports for Controller candidates is here.

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  1. Flypusher says:

    I think Hollins will be a fine Mayor someday, and Controller is a good path there.

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