Interview with Twila Carter

Twila Carter

Continuing on with At Large #3, today we meet Twila Carter, who among other things has had one of the best jobs of anyone I’ve interviewed: For over a decade, she served as Senior Vice President of Community Relations of the Houston Astros and Executive Director of the Astros Foundation, raising over $60 million in that time for various causes. Carter has served as Vice Chair for the Texas Council on Family Violence and Family Time Crisis and Counseling Center and on the board of Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse. She also serves on the Advisory Board for the Houston Area Women’s Center. I will admit that I started by asking her about the Astros Foundation gig in the interview:

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This week is mostly about At Large #3, and next week we will get into a couple of propositions and other things before we move on to Controller and Mayor. The Erik Manning spreadsheet is here. My previous posts about the 2023 HISD election are here and here. My posts about the July campaign finance reports for City Council candidates are here and here.

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5 Responses to Interview with Twila Carter

  1. David Fagan says:

    That’s one candidate that’s mentioned the lack of a contract with HFD, though all have been asked about public safety. Do candidates think it is not important enough to mention?

  2. C.L. says:

    They think it’s not important enough to mention.

  3. David Fagan says:

    That’s what I was saying….

  4. C.L. says:

    And that’s exactly what’s going on. The candidates do not believe the lack of a contract with HFD is an issue/good talking point… and it seems the majority of the CoH citizens would appear to agree.

  5. David Fagan says:

    Like, That’s what I’m saying L.C., stop repeating everything I say! Gosh, I’m just going to go to the grocery store and walk around with my radio turned all the way up, listening and waiting for NOTHING! Cause nothing ever happens in Houston! Idk why old Kuff even asks about emergency response, because there’s nothing to worry about. And if someone says anything is less than rosy and bright sunshine, we don’t believe those people, so it cannot POSSIBLY be true if we don’t BELIEVE it! L.C., stop repeating everything I say, you’re a smart they, so I’m interested in how you truly feel.

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