January 2024 campaign finance reports – Senate

State offices
Harris County offices

The field is set, with one more person than we had in October. Again, until we’ve narrowed this down to at most two, I’ll do this separately from the Congressional candidates. Here are the July reports, and the April reports.

Colin Allred – Senate
Roland Gutierrez – Senate
Carl Sherman – Senate
Thierry Tchenko – Senate
Heli Rodriguez-Prilliman – Senate
Steve Keough – Senate
Tracy Andrus – Senate
Meri Lizet Gomez – Senate
Mark Gonzalez – Senate

Dist  Name             Raised      Spent    Loans    On Hand
Sen   Allred       18,391,703  8,285,648        0 10,106,054
Sen   Gutierrez     1,065,784    751,152   71,825    314,632
Sen   Sherman         157,456     99,757        0     57,699
Sen   Tchenko         100,236     91,914        0      8,322
Sen   R-Prilliman      30,002     29,166   37,357        855
Sen   Keough           27,357     27,730    6,050          0
Sen   Andrus           18,385      9,275        0      8,724
Sen   Gomez            11,044     11,000        0         44
Sen   Gonzalez         14,676     11,237    3,900      3,438

As previously reported, Colin Allred has outraised Ted Cruz for each of the last two quarters and has more cash on hand than he does. As I’ve said before, I hope he spends some of that cash in the primary. I mean, he clearly has – his Spent number is about $2.6 million higher now, so that’s some real spending. I haven’t seen any ads yet, is what I guess I’m saying. (*) For comparison, Beto O’Rourke had raised $13.2 million through Q2 2018, with $6.7 million in the first three months of the year and thus about $6.5 million raised as of the January report. Allred is well ahead of that pace, even adjusting for inflation and the fact that there’s just a lot more money in these nationalized races now. Beto eventually topped $80 million raised, and in the end he came close but didn’t win. There’s a lot more of this story to be written.

The good news for Sen. Roland Gutierrez is that he’s now raised over a million bucks. The bad news is that he’s not even close enough to Allred to eat his dust, and he has about sixty grand less on hand now than he did in October. He ought to have enough support to force a runoff, but at this point I don’t see how he can compete.

As for the rest, I mean, I still have no idea what Carl Sherman was thinking when he entered this race. I have to assume Mark Gonzalez, who would have been a pretty exciting candidate if he had been the first person in the race, probably thought he’d have done better than $14K raised. Whoever Meri Lizet Gomez is, the system is still showing her Q3 totals, not that it really matters.

Anyway. It’s a big field but there’s not much to say about the finance reports. I’m ready to get to the voting. Up next, I’ll look at the Congressional reports. Let me know what you think.

(*) I started writing this last weekend, and now I can say that I saw a Colin Allred ad on this Monday’s episode of The Bachelor. That’s what I’m talking about.

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