January 2024 campaign finance reports – Congress

State offices
Harris County offices

As noted, we’re still doing the Congressional reports separately until we winnow down the fields. The October 2023 reports are here, the July reports for both Congress and Senate are here, and the April reports for both are here.

Sandeep Srivastava – CD03
John Love – CD06
Lizzie Fletcher – CD07
Pervez Agwan – CD07
Michelle Vallejo – CD15
Sheila Jackson Lee – CD18
Amanda Edwards – CD18
Isaiah Martin – CD18
Francine Ly – CD24
Sam Eppler – CD24
Julie Johnson – CD32
Brian Williams – CD32
Alex Cornwallis – CD32
Justin Moore – CD32
Callie Butcher – CD32
Raja Chaudhry – CD32
Melissa McDonough – CD38
Gion Thomas – CD38

Dist  Name             Raised      Spent    Loans    On Hand
03    Srivastava      283,425    204,406  543,233     82,611
06    Love             30,570     15,175        0     16,048
07    Fletcher      1,289,340    606,949        0  2,004,097
07    Agwan         1,151,062  1,052,034        0     99,027
15    Vallejo         520,325    305,781  100,000    226,261
18    Jackson Lee      77,163    224,990        0    223,483
18    Edwards       1,308,195    452,419        0    855,776
18    Martin          375,006    144,934        0    230,072
24    Ly               61,557     60,079    7,653        811
24    Eppler          274,499    203,996        0     70,502
32    Johnson       1,066,084    492,626        0    573,458 
32    Williams        982,441    439,010        0    543,430
32    Cornwallis      106,097     36,599  104,350     71,131
32    Moore           157,720    149,044   17,035      8,675
32    Butcher         121,477    120,336   46,182      1,190
32    Chaudhry              0     39,148  305,350    266,201
38    McDonough        74,553     71,546   61,974      4,787
38    Thomas            9,828      8,666   10,927      1,162

Sandeep Srivastava has less money raised on this report than he did in October. I think that may be because some of what had been actually loan money is now not being counted as having been raised, but I’m just guessing. It’s either that or something weird is going on. Also, the issue of how loan money is accounted for will come up again later.

Pervez Agwan has raised a ton of money and has been spending it nearly as quickly. I can’t say that spending has been visible to me other than in the form of campaign signs, mostly on non-residential properties, but I don’t live in CD07. Per Daily Kos, Rep. Fletcher has a new ad out, but it too has not been visible to me. Anyone in CD07, what are you seeing from these campaigns?

Michelle Vallejo has been added to the DCCC Red to Blue campaign, so expect to see her fundraising totals go up. She has an opponent in her primary who has reported raising no money so far.

On the one hand, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has a shockingly small amount of money raised so far – I mean, she’s an incumbent in a highly contested primary. On the other hand, she only declared her candidacy for re-election on December 10, so she’s had just three weeks at Christmastime to raise any money. It’s fair to say she has enough name ID to not sweat this too much. I do live in CD18 and I’m seeing a handful of Amanda Edwards yard signs in my neighborhood, but my neighborhood is not at all typical for CD18. Take that for what it’s worth. Note that Isaiah Martin did raise and spend some money before he dropped out and endorsed SJL. There is a third candidate in this race, who has also not reported raising any money.

I’m not following Rep. Henry Cuellar anymore, since he didn’t draw a primary opponent and I don’t expect him to be seriously challenged. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez has a serious Republican challenger, the same person who had won the special election for CD34 in 2022, but he beat her easily enough in November 2022 and I doubt this will be an easier cycle for her, especially as a non-incumbent. If anything changes in these races I’ll add them back in, but don’t count on it.

State Rep. Rhetta Bowers dropped out of CD32 to run for re-election in the Lege. Raja Chaudhry is a new entrant, and his report showed that $305,350 as having been raised, but a closer look showed it was actually all loan. Because that was easy enough to separate out I did so, but several candidates who show loans on their reports, including both candidates in CD38, seem to count loan totals towards their amount raised. I made that change in Chaudhry’s case because it was so easy to do, but note that going forward for candidates who also report significant loan totals.

As I did in 2018, I may add in other races if their candidates appear to be generating some interest. For now, this is what we have.

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5 Responses to January 2024 campaign finance reports – Congress

  1. John Hansen says:

    Charles: Since you asked for feedback, there are a few Agwan signs in the Alief area, but they are mostly on fences and commercial properties. Not much for Fletcher, yet. So far, all campaigns have been pretty low key.

  2. Joshua Bullard says:

    Edwards will take Lee to a photo finish on election night and here’s why -Amanda Edwards boxes were Extremely high in district 18 when she ran citywide and Sheila Lee lacks the age range of voters that Edwards will soak in from the voting populous,let’s call it “The Chris hollins effect” those voters that age range from 20 to 44 are going to hit the ballot boxes hard and the precinct judges will feel the punch ,u may say Jackson Lee has the Name I D and she does but she doesn’t have enough voters to overcome the Chris hollins effect I Maybe wrong but I never am, I’m calling it Amanda Edwards 50.4% for the win on March 5th

  3. Meme says:

    “I maybe be wrong bit I never am.” Really Joshua?

  4. C.L. says:

    I may be wrong but I never am.

    “Famous Last Words for $500, Alex”…

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