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Libertarian response to CD22 special election

Just to prove that I’m not a one-trick pony, I’m now on the distribution list for Libertarian Party press releases. Here’s what they say about the Very Special Election for CD22:

In response to Governor Rick Perry’s announcement calling for a special election in Texas CD-22, here is a statement from Libertarian Party Communications Director Stephen Gordon:

“Our founding fathers fought and died to prevent Americans from being taxed without adequate representation. Governor Perry could have called for a special election some time ago to ensure that the voters of Texas 22 were properly represented in Congress.

As opposed to governing in a responsible manner, Perry’s priority is to facilitate Republican Party damage control in the wake of Tom DeLay scandals and the GOP failure to place a candidate on the ballot for the general election. Once again, Republican leadership has violated the trust of the voters.

While there will be two names on the general election ballot in November, voters who prefer responsible government and constitutional leadership have but one choice: Libertarian Bob Smither.”

So neither of the two people who will be on the ballot for the real election will be there for the Very Special Election. What if Rick Perry had thrown a special election and no one came? That would have been fun. Anyone know off the top of their heads if the elections code addresses that possibility?

Anyway. I did a Kuff’s World post on libertarian netroots support for Smither, which drew a comment that has more info, if you’re interested.

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  1. Charles Hixon says:

    What if Rick Perry had thrown a special election and no one came?

    That would mean that all those ballots would have empty spaces on them. Since certain Election Officials have determined that a space may represent a dash on the speak and spell, then those spaces are really dashes. Only one candidate has a dash unique to her name. Therefore a space establishes clear voter intent and a winner will have been determined.

  2. Chris Elam says:

    This isn’t what I’m hearing. I understand that Smither will file tomorrow for the special.

    I guess I could be wrong… but I’m curious where it says on this press release that Smither is not running in the special?

  3. Chris – That’s the impression I got, but you’re right, there’s no explicit mention. We’ll know soon enough.