Outside agitation

I’ve got to agree with Stace here: Why should anyone in Houston care what some outfit that’s based in Spring thinks about anything related to Houston politics or policies? Last I checked, the citizens of Spring don’t vote in Houston elections or pay Houston property taxes. Some of them may pay sales taxes in Houston, which would put them on roughly the same footing as the undocumented immigrants this particular outfit is so worked up about. Beyond that, I’ll give these guys the same advice I give other non-residents who want to tell us how to run things: Move here and run for Mayor yourself. Until then, who cares what you think?

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One Response to Outside agitation

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    The reality of illegal immigration is it has become a political reality and for most politicians it is merely something else to pander to and play both sides against the other with.

    Bill White intends to run for the US Senate. He needs the votes of Republicans to win and so he has to pander to them and play them off the Democrats. And hope the little balancing act, a very hypocritical one, works for him the way it sometimes works for others. As of late, it works for no one. Either the law is the law or it’s not.

    I have never understood this dinstinction between Latinos and Hispanics. Apparently Latinos have a problem with the law. Hispanics don’t. The founder of Texans for Immgiration Reform is Hispanic. As opposed to Latino.

    But we all know Hispanics and Latinos support illegal immigration and all Democrats do as well.

    In fact they all don’t. And Stace and quite a few others really should go back and read the warnings of Barbara Jordan in 1996 about what would happen to this country if illegal immigration continued at the rate it had despite a law meant to stop it and attack her as well as everyone else in their attempt to portray displacement in the workplace as a good thing for Americans. It is not.

    Millions of legal immigrants are no longer employed. Millions of illegal immmigrants are. That alone is waking people up in California.

    What is waking up quite a few others is this curious phenomenon known as “bi-lingual preferred” which is really “bi-lingual required” which has begun to affect the professional workplace as well the non-proessional workplace. Some resent the fact they have to learn another language in order to work in their own country.

    We are a nation of immigrants but what Stace and everyone else always leaves out is the fact that until recently the immigrants who came to this country did so legally.

    As for the people in Spring they are affected by decisions made by the mayor of Houston as is eveyone in the greater Houston area. They have every right to criticize the mayor.

    Stace and others simply believe no one has the right to criticize them.

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