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Council Member Gonzalez

Now that he has been officially sworn in to represent District H, new City Council Member Ed Gonzalez has hit the ground running.

He was called upon by City Councilwoman Sue Lovell to speak first about the death of Officer Henry Canales, who he knew as an 18-year veteran of HPD. Then, he got council to postpone for three weeks consideration for a contentious item in District H that would involve selling the land occupied by the Heights Recycling Center and moving the center to the First Ward. Gonzalez also went on to complain that a company being awarded additional city work had failed to meet its goal for contracting with minority-owned businesses.

Being ready on Day One was one of the things CM Gonzalez ran on, and I’m not at all surprised to see him live up to it. This is the first I’ve heard of the recycling facility – I assume they mean the one at Harvard and Center Streets. I guess the land it’s on is worth some money, but I’d hate to see it move, as it’s very convenient for dumping our accumulated glass. On the other hand, if single stream recycling comes to our neighborhood soon, that would mitigate the loss. In any event, thanks for looking out for that, CM Gonzalez. Stace has more.

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