The Libertarian lineup

The local Libertarian Party, which nominates by convention and not primary, has its slate of local candidates up. There are a few familiar names – Susan Delgado has apparently decided to follow the Mike Gravel career path; Drew Parks has been on the ballot in CD07 a few times; Mhair Dekmezian is a repeat candidate in HD134. Of interest was the inclusion of a candidate for Tax Assessor. Generally speaking, the LP runs candidates for state and federal office, but not county offices. Looking through the election return archives on the Harris Votes page, the last time such a candidate ran was in 2002 for County Judge. Not sure why that is, but for this year at least, you’ll have a third choice in the Tax Assessor’s race. Anyway, if you’re one of those pox-on-both-their-houses types, there’s you list of third choices.

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