Endorsement watch: Criminal district courts

The Chron did its endorsements for the criminal district courts in two parts. In part one, three of the eight recommended candidates are Democrats:

182nd Criminal District Court: The best choice for this court is Brandon Dudley, the Democratic challenger, a graduate of UH Law and a legislative aide to state Sen. Rodney Ellis.

185th Criminal District Court: Vivian King, the Democratic challenger, is a board-certified criminal defense attorney who has campaigned on the issue of increasing the number of pre-trial bonds granted to defendants charged with nonviolent offenses.

208th Criminal District Court: Loretta Johnson Muldrow, a Democratic defense attorney, is the best choice for this criminal bench.

In part 2, three of the five recommendations go to Democrats:

248th Criminal District Court: The Chronicle believes Democrat Jim Sullivan will bring years of trial experience as a defense attorney and a reformer’s zeal to the 248th.

262nd Criminal District Court: Democratic candidate Tom Berg brings an impressive mix of educational, legal and military credentials to his campaign for this criminal bench.

263rd Criminal District Court: Democratic challenger Alvin Nunnery brings extensive experience both as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney that makes him the Chronicle’s choice for this criminal court bench.

Here are the Q&As that I have for the endorsed candidates:

Brandon Dudley

Vivian King

Jim Sullivan

Tom Berg

I have not received responses from Muldrow or Nunnery. I do have responses from one Democratic candidate the Chron did not endorse:

Darrel Jordan, 180th Criminal Court (note: from the primary)

For Q&As from Republican candidates, see Big Jolly Politics.

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