HISD does its redistricting

Doesn’t get much easier than this.

Houston ISD trustees today approved a preliminary plan to redistrict their positions in response to changing demographics.

The plan, now available for public comment, generated no controversy among the Houston Independent School District board members, unlike the redistricting proposals for City Council and the state Legislature.

“There’s no radical change to any of the districts,” Gene Locke, the attorney hired by HISD to help draft the plan, told the school board at a meeting this morning.

HISD board president Paula Harris described the process as “painless.”

A review of the nine trustee district boundaries was necessary in response to the 2010 census, to ensure the district complies with minority voting rights.

Three of the nine trustee districts lost population since the 2000 census. Those districts are positions 1 and 2 on the north side — represented by Anna Eastman and Carol Mims Galloway, respectively — and position 3, represented by Manuel Rodriguez Jr., in the southeast.

The biggest growth occurred on the south side in district 9, represented by Larry Marshall.

The link above is to a PowerPoint presentation that shows the current and revised districts as well as the population data for each. You can also see the proposed map at the School Zone post. Or you can go to Greg‘s place for a Google map, which will give you street level information. I’m pleased to note that after all was said and done I will remain in the same district as before. Anyway, there’s a series of public meetings about the new map – see either School Zone or Greg for the details – so be there and let them know what you think.

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