No recount in HISD III

There will be no recount in the HISD Trustee District III race as challenger Ramiro Fonseca has officially conceded.

“After examining the official election results, I have decided that a recount is not an option that would change the outcome of this election,” Fonseca said in a statement. “I congratulate Mr. Rodriguez on his re-election.”

Because of the close margin, Fonseca, a Houston Community College administrator, did not concede on election night three weeks ago. At that time, Fonseca trailed by 24 votes.

After mail-in and provisional ballots were counted, Fonseca was down by an additional vote, and the school board canvassed the results last week to make them official.

Monday was the day that the election results were officially canvassed and certified. As close as the HISD III race was, it’s not realistic to expect that a recount would change anything. I wish the result had been different, but it’s time to move forward and keep shining a spotlight on the incumbent, who continues to not get it. My thanks to Ramiro Fonseca for running a good race. Stace has more.

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