The updated TRIP app is here

This came in last week:

If you’ve got a smart phone, we’ve just made riding our buses or trains a lot easier.

Today, we officially launched the METRO T.R.I.P. app – a tool that retrieves our schedule information, predicts real-time arrival of buses and helps you plan your trip on our system.

T.R.I.P. stands for”transit route information and planning” – and this free app can expertly guide you, giving you the info you need at your fingertips.

Here are some cool features:

  • Where Am I – This will use the GPS in your phone to find your location, then show you the buses, routes and rail lines closest to your location.
  • Next Transport – You’ll get real-time bus arrivals, as well as scheduled bus and train arrivals.
  • Plan Trip – This will find a route for your trip, based on arrival time or transfers and walking distance.

The app works on iPhones, Androids or Windows phones. You can scan a QR code here to download or go to the iTunes store, Google Play store or Windows store.

“This is version one,” Randy Frazier, vice president of IT and chief information officer, told the METRO board today. “We want to have continuous improvement. We’re going to take feedback and roll into it the things people most want.”

The original version of this came out in October, 2011, and the new version of it was supposed to have been out in late 2012, but that’s the way it goes sometimes with software. The real-time arrival information is the key, since waiting for the next bus is the most inefficient part of travel by transit. There’s nothing worse than just missing a bus. With this app, you should have no reason to. Check it out.

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