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HPD disciplinary matters

Having recently talked about mayoral plans for crimefighting in Houston, let me recommend that you read Emily DePrang’s excellent two-part story about the discipline process at the Houston Police Department – here’s part one, Crimes Unpunished, and part two, The Horror Every Day. This would be something that a Mayor ought to try to get her or his arms around, however politically difficult it may be. The arbitration process needs to be revamped, the Independent Police Oversight Board and/or the city’s Inspector General need to have some power over the process, and the goal needs to be to remove the worst offenders from the force, as this is a classic case of a small number of bad apples spoiling the whole basket. I don’t claim to know how to accomplish these things, but it’s clear from reading the stories that they’re the top priorities if you want to effect change. Read them and see what you think.

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  1. Truly horrifying. As citizens of this city, we depend on HPD to keep us safe, but who’s going to keep us safe from them? This needs to change. So glad that you and others are helping to keep the spotlight on HPD.