Who’s spamming you?

Probably someone from Dallas. Figures, right?

When it comes to those annoying and unsolicited text messages you get imploring you to reply for weight loss tips, “free” money, and adult-oriented services, Houston and Dallas are smartphone spam lords of Texas, acccording to Internet security firm AdaptiveMobile.

The funny part is that most of the SMS spam in Texas is sent between Dallas and Houston themselves, with few spam messages making it outside those two cities. The Houston versus Dallas rivalry even rages via spammers.

The report says that phones in South Florida, Dallas and Chicago are hit with the highest levels of SMS spam in the country. It also says Los Angeles creates the most SMS spam.

AdaptiveMobile said in a press release earlier this month that most of the spam in Texas is adult-themed. Florida is known for what is called “junk car” spam, solicting people to sell junker cars for cash.

You can see the infographic here and a post describing how it was created here. That latter link may be of interest to those of you that are into visualizing data; I personally prefer to see the numbers themselves, but to each her own. For what it’s worth, I hardly get any text spam at all. I get junk phone calls on my cell all the time – I’ve largely stopped answering the phone for any number I don’t recognize – but junk texts don’t seem to be a problem. Not sure why that is, but it’s fine by me. Anyway, now you know which direction to shake your fist in anger when you get spammed. You’re welcome.

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