“As the Board turns”

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Houston ISD Trustee Jolanda Jones publicly aired personal attacks and allegations against fellow school board members in online posts this week, chipping away at the board’s efforts to present a more collegial front in the face of administrative upheaval and potentially major state sanctions this year.

In three Facebook posts, Jones alleged a newly elected trustee called a longtime board member a “thief” and a “crook” with “no moral character,” and she accused a fellow trustee of misleading her during the process of electing a school board president. Jones also claimed five trustees who rejected HISD’s proposed budget last week will be responsible for employees losing their homes — even though board members are expected to pass the budget next week, with no adverse impact on staff members.

You can click over and read the rest; I don’t care to litigate any of it. I’m just going to say this: For the first time ever, as of last November, the Board is comprised entirely of Democrats, with (I believe) a majority of members elected with the support of the local AFT. Even if the Board were firing on all cylinders, the current partisan makeup would present as a tempting target for the state for takeover, given the issues with the low-performing schools. But at least a high-functioning Board, whose membership is two-thirds new since 2015, would have a compelling argument to make that they deserve a little more time to make progress on the problem. With the way things are now, who’s going to stand in their defense when Mike Morath picks a new Board to replace them?

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10 Responses to “As the Board turns”

  1. Manny Barrera says:

    I have contacted people that know (Including the reporter) and the Chronicle reporter claims that he and the “Staff” chose to go with a story that was full of misinformation to meet a deadline. They Chronicle may have purposely created chaos to sell papers.

  2. Ross says:

    Jolanda Jones needs to slither back to her hoke, along with her deck of race cards. She us a horrifically bad trustee, with no care for anyone but herself.

  3. General Grant says:

    This is what Jolanda Jones does.

  4. “The Chronicle reporter chose to go with a story full of misinformation” You are pretty well connected. Thank you for the scoop. I just knew they did stuff like that. Glad you cleared that up.

  5. Burt Levine says:

    Jolanda Jones wants Pct Chairs to pick for JP7 Judge.

  6. Manny Barrera says:

    You are welcome Paul when one looks like the people that the Russian puppet put a target on, one must not be as misinformed as if one was a descendant of Austrian or Czechoslovakia ancestors. We have to try harder as we start much further back and thanks to the piece of manure and his followers we have people always making statement to suggest we don’t know nothing. Kinda like the No Nothing Party used to do.


    Paul I live where I vote from do you? Do you live in the City?

  7. C.L. says:

    Always skeptical….

    A reporter actually admitted the story was full of BS to you, Manny ? If so, you should contact his/her Boss and out them…even if it is the Hou Comical.

    Second, how did you turn this local CofH story into a GOP rant ? This is why I’m starting to dismiss your opinions…they all seem to revolve around one common thread.

  8. Manny Barrera says:

    Like I give a shit what you think. I did contact the reporter and I know three of the Trustees, two of them I have known for years.

    In his twitter account the reporter admits not talking to two of the board trustees he mentioned.

    So go to your ignorance cave and wow yourself.

    Only because I am not sure if you are a monster like Trump have I bothered to respond to you. I am still debating what you do here.

    By the way I do give Paul credit for not hiding who he is. Why are you all scared to show who you are.

    Paul and his brothers are good people, but if someone fucks with me, I don’t believe in turning the other cheek.

    So who are you C.L? Show yourself don’t hide behind curtains. Like the great wizard of oz.

  9. Manny Barrera says:

    In fact it was Paul that convinced me to not use fake names, he challenged a lot us, but you cowards have no balls as you still hide who you are. So how do we know if any of you even believe the BS you post, if we don’t know who you are? I am who I say, just like Paul it does not take much to find me or about me.

  10. Manny Barrera says:

    Chronicle can’t even get Fotball (Soccer) scores correct

    Falcao scores, Colombia beats Poland 2-1 at World Cup

    The score was 3-0, they did get Colombia winning correct

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