October 2023 campaign finance reports – Congress

As promised, here are the Congressional reports for Q3 2023. The Q3 Senate reports are here, the July reports for both are here, and the April reports for both are here.

Sandeep Srivastava – CD03
John Love – CD06
Lizzie Fletcher – CD07
Pervez Agwan – CD07
Michelle Vallejo – CD15
Sheila Jackson Lee – CD18
Amanda Edwards – CD18
Isaiah Martin – CD18
Francine Ly – CD24
Sam Eppler – CD24
Henry Cuellar – CD28
Julie Johnson – CD32
Brian Williams – CD32
Alex Cornwallis – CD32
Justin Moore – CD32
Rhetta Bowers – CD32
Callie Butcher – CD32
Melissa McDonough – CD38

Dist  Name             Raised      Spent    Loans    On Hand
03    Srivastava      324,844    189,640  543,233    138,796
06    Love             30,570     15,175        0     16,048
07    Fletcher        826,992    429,924        0  1,718,774
07    Agwan           546,711    455,366        0     91,344
15    Vallejo         343,382    171,521  100,000    183,578
18    Jackson Lee      53,777    181,007        0    213,042
18    Edwards       1,033,802    204,405    3,299    829,397
18    Martin          316,068     32,333        0    283,734
24    Ly               52,078     39,015        0     25,603
24    Eppler          224,297     80,009        0    144,287
28    Cuellar       1,309,071    751,749        0    602,147
32    Johnson         718,874    314,725        0    404,149 
32    Williams        719,976    195,014        0    524,961
32    Cornwallis      105,101     28,134  104,350     78,599
32    Moore            77,013     11,024        0     65,970
32    Bowers           24,629        982        0     23,646
32    Butcher         107,592     98,106   41,000      9,536
38    McDonough        46,198     42,992   38,893      4,986

Some changes and new names since the last time. Sandeep Srivastava, who had run in CD03 in 2022 and had been listed as a candidate for CD24 for this cycle in the previous report, is now showing as a candidate for CD03 again. As noted in the Senate roundup, John Love is now a candidate for CD06; that’s not really a competitive seat and he’s not exactly burning it down over there, but for now at least I’ll continue to track him. Isaiah Martin makes a strong debut in CD18 – more on that in a moment – while Rhetta Bowers and Callie Butcher make their first appearance in CD32. Remember that some candidate announcements come late in the reporting period, so a small opening number is not necessarily an indictor of future fundraising. There are also two new candidates in CD38, though neither got into the race in time to raise money for Q3. One is “Coach” Cam Campbell, who announced his presence in the race at the August CEC meeting. The other is Gion Thomas, another young candidate, who sent out a press release introducing himself. My Christmas break this year is going to be packed full of interviews.

Pervez Agwan continues to raise a bunch of money, but he’s also spending it pretty quickly. I’m not sure how that will play out for him as the primary comes into focus. He seems to have a sizeable field crew out there, all young people – I saw multiple folks wearing an Agwan T-shirt at that last CEC meeting, and there were more of them serving hamburgers at an event for White Oak Park a couple of weeks after that. The park isn’t in CD07, but some of the people attending the event lived in that district, and they were being courted for volunteer activities. I don’t think he’s a serious threat to Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, but he’s giving it a go.

The aforementioned Isaiah Martin raised that money in about three weeks, a very strong start. He’ll need it given how well Amanda Edwards keeps doing. Who knows at this point if they will be running for an open seat or if Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee will be back. As impressive as all that fundraising is, I don’t know how much it will matter if Sheila is still there.

Going just by the numbers, the field in CD32 is clearly split between Julie Johnson and Brian Williams, and everyone else. Rhetta Bowers was a late entrant and there’s another special session going on, so as noted don’t draw too much inference from her totals. That said, she will have only so much time to make up that ground. The head scratcher in this report is Alex Cornwallis, who appears to have netted about $500 in Q3. I went and did a news search to see if he had dropped out, but I didn’t find anything. I have no idea what to make of that.

The next report will be in January, after the filing deadline, so we’ll have the official lineup for the primary. Expect to see some more new names then.

UPDATE: Rep. Rhetta Bowers has since announced that she will run for re-election in HD113. I presume her lackluster finance report is a main cause for this.

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  1. J says:

    I got several flyers from Pervez Agwan a while ago, and was impressed enough to keep one to remind me to vote for him. Lizzie Fletcher needs a reminder that climate change is real and the danger is here, and her district is bluer than it used to be.

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