January 2024 campaign finance reports – State offices

The start of the new year means campaign finance reports are due for everyone. I’ll work my way through them as I can, in between the interviews and Q&As. At this point in January, the only state race to watch was SD15, and that still had John Whitmire in it, at least nominally. There are a couple more races of interest this time around, so let’s dive in.

Michelle Bonton, SD15
Beto Cardenas, SD15
Molly Cook, SD15
Jarvis Johnson, SD15
Todd Litton, SD15
Karthik Soora, SD15

Chase West, HD132
Stephanie Morales, HD138

Rosalind Caesar, HD139
Jerry Ford, HD139
Mo Jenkins, HD139
Charlene Ward Johnson, HD139
Angeanette Thibodeaux, HD139

Rep. Harold Dutton, HD142
Joyce Chatman, HD142
Clint Horn, HD142
Danny Norris, HD142

Rep. Shawn Thierry, HD146
Lauren Ashley Simmons, HD146
Ashton Woods, HD146

Dist   Candidate     Raised       Spent       Loan     On Hand
SD15      Bonton          0       1,250     10,000      10,000
SD15    Cardenas          0       1,250          0           0
SD15        Cook    130,573     107,628          0      75,665
SD15     Johnson    187,912      33,419     50,000     106,234
SD15      Litton    176,733      59,001          0     117,731
SD15       Soora     93,464     119,966     10,000     113,910

HD132       West      6,525       2,800          0         322
HD138    Morales

HD139     Caesar      9,660       3,893          0       5,766
HD139       Ford          0         750     50,000      49,250
HD139    Jenkins        700       3,777          0         595
HD139    Johnson      6,000       4,249      3,000       1,750
HD139 Thibodeaux      1,525       5,550          0         186

HD142     Dutton      4,750      13,307          0      53,941
HD142    Chatman
HD142       Horn        954      13,983     10,000
HD142     Norris     26,364       9,775          0

HD146    Thierry     53,246      31,019          0      29,998
HD146    Simmons     51,782       9,435          0      42,234
HD146      Woods

Lots of money raised and on hand in SD15, not so much spent so far. Can’t say I’ve seen any mail yet, and I’m not being stalked online by any of the candidates’ ads. I’m sure that will change soon enough. In the 20+ years I’ve lived at my current address, I can count the number of door-knockers I’ve received on my fingers; if this campaign doesn’t change that, I don’t know what would. One visit from the Molly Cook campaign and one from the Karthik Soora campaign when I wasn’t home (my daughter spoke to them) so far, we’ll see how it goes from there.

I’m a little surprised there isn’t more money in the HD139 primary, as it’s the only open House seat available. Maybe everyone’s planning a blockwalk-heavy candidacy. Maybe there will be more action on the 30 day reports. Or maybe the usual donors are just waiting for the runoff.

I don’t know what one can say about Rep. Harold Dutton. I assume he has close to universal name ID, and that probably informs his decisions about fundraising and campaigning. You can’t say he’s out there hoovering up all the money that other candidates are trying to collect, but you also can’t say that he’s in any position to help out with a broader effort to win in the county. He is what he is. Danny Norris has raised a few bucks and has been an elected official, one a lot of these voters will have supported in the past, but one could have said that about Jerry Davis in 2020 as well. It’s going to take persuading some people to not vote for Harold Dutton to win.

There’s more money in the HD146 primary. Of the $53K that Rep. Shawn Thierry raised in the previous six months, $10K came from Doug Deason, $5K from Darwin Deason, and $15K from Democrats for Education Reform. You can decide what that means to you, or if it matters given what she got herself up to last regular session.

I’m a little late in posting these, what with interviews and all. I’ll have more to come soon.

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