Interview with Peter Schwethelm

Peter Schwethelm

I have one more HISD Trustee interview to bring you, with Peter Schwethelm. Schwethelm is a former teacher at Milby High School who now owns a small business and operates a non-profit that locates surplus computers for donation. He has some history with HISD that clearly animates his candidacy. You can hear about that, and learn how to pronounce his name, in the interview:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle on the 2010 Elections page.

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3 Responses to Interview with Peter Schwethelm

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks for all the Trustee interviews, but especially Mr. Schwethelm. It’s great to finally hear a genuine non-politician is actually running for Trustee. He has my support.

    There maybe some genuine accountability on the way for HISD, but I’m not optimistic.

    But Peter is too kind in assuming that the HISD central office is only incompetent. For every example of a contract like that Dell contract that prevents donations, there’s likely a corruption angle as well. Good luck to any candidate willing to challenge HISD AND follow the money trails.

    – From a former teacher at Lamar High School

  2. Angela says:

    This guy has the right idea! Thanks for this interview. I will be voting for him. He understands that we shouldn’t just pass our students along without them actually learning. I know that he’ll be budget, accountability and quality conscious.

    Thank goodness this position wasn’t appointed.

  3. joshua bullard says:

    i met peter, he was a great guy,but he lacked the same funding that the other canidates had.

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