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More GOP self-targeting

Jaime Castillo has more on attempts by the state GOP to purge itself of members who committed heresies on school finance reform (see here for some background). According to the El Paso Times, the border city’s biggest GOP muckety-mucks are … Continue reading Continue reading

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More in-depth reviews of the new Chron.com

Check out Fixing Chron.com for some in-depth critiques of the look and usability of the new Houston Chronicle website. Dwight, I’d be very interested to know what you think of this fellow’s ideas. His alternate front page and search suggestions … Continue reading Continue reading

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Scanlon flips – who’s next?

I didn’t really have the time this weekend to write anything about this, but Jack Abramoff cohort and former DeLay staffer Mike Scanlon has apparently agreed to testify for the prosecution against his erstwhile partner in crime. Along the way, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Giant Presidential heads: True identities revealed

Last April, several buddies and I visited David Adickes’ sculpture studio for the purpose of photographing the Giant Presidential Head statues that he has there. (Adickes is the gent who did Big Sam in Huntsville and is now working on … Continue reading Continue reading

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Teacher Man

Note to self: Obtain a copy of Frank McCourt’s latest book, if for no better reason than to see if his description of life at Stuyvesant High School matches up with my memory of it as it did for Julia. … Continue reading Continue reading

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