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A traffic enforcement mechanism we can all applaud

The Freakonomics Blog suggests a traffic-enforcement mechanism that would be (in the city of Houston, at least) both highly lucrative and deeply satisfying. I was in New York City the other day and my taxi cab driver bypassed a long … Continue reading Continue reading

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Tax reform commission gets started

The long-awaited Tax Reform Commission, appointed by Governor Perry and chaired by John Sharp, is finally getting down to business, and already they’re making me question why they’re bothering. At its first meeting Monday, the governor told the commission to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Abbott sues Sony over rootkit

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has filed a lawsuit against Sony for violating the state’s new anti-spyware law. Attorney General Greg Abbott said he filed the lawsuit under a new Texas state law forbidding such hidden tracking tools, and predicted … Continue reading Continue reading

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Two for CD32

Via Kirk at BOR, two Democrats are preparing to challenge Rep. Pete Sessions in CD32: Dallas lawyer Will Pryor and 2002 candidate Pauline Dixon. This is of course a good thing, as the goal is to run everywhere. CD32 is … Continue reading Continue reading

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Not the kind of endorsement one wants

Remember how, when I made my endorsements for the 2005 elections, I advised skipping over City Council At Large #3 because neither incumbent Shelley Sekula Somethingorother nor challenger James Partsch-Galvan was worth a vote? Well, Galvan’s recent “endorsement” of Sue … Continue reading Continue reading

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