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“Obie, did you think I was going to hang myself for littering?”

One nice thing that local Classic Rock station KKRW does is play Alice’s Restaurant every Thanksgiving at noon. Since I distinctly recall San Antonio’s KZEP doing the same thing while I lived there, I got to wondering: How many other … Continue reading Continue reading

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A simple question about Thanksgiving Day parades

Who was the genius that first decided to let Happy Talk Local News readers do the play-by-play and color commentary for Thanksgiving Day parades? If forced to watch a local news broadcast, I’ll usually choose KHOU, but Greg Hurst and … Continue reading Continue reading

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RIP, World’s Ugliest Dog

Via Amanda, the world’s ugliest dog has passed away. His story was indeed one of triumphing by wit and charm over appearance. Rest in peace, Sam the ugly dog. Continue reading

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