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ATTN: Blogosphere

In honor of Markos (of DailyKos fame) coming to Texas for SxSW, I’d just like to note that – while blogging may be many things – when blogging has been coopted by AT&T advertising (see, e.g., the billboard on East … Continue reading Continue reading

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just in time for the Saturday paper, the Washington Post weighs in on that nice lady Rep. Harris, whose unique interpretation of the relationship between the words “vote” and “Right” gifted us with all the marvellous things this administration has … Continue reading Continue reading

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More Leininger lieutenants

If you thought that the five GOP challengers whose campaigns James Leininger is funding would be his only wholly owned subsidiaries in the Texas House, you’d be wrong. Meet Dallas State Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, who’s is endorsing Leininger-backed Nathan Macias … Continue reading Continue reading

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Stream-of-consciousness blogging

Yesterday the UH Law Center put on a symposium on LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal siting, part of which was a really nice lunch. I ended up sitting next to Juan Parras, whose son, John, opposed Carol Alvarado in last … Continue reading Continue reading

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