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March 6th, 2006:

Twenty-twenty-twenty-four hours to go…

Just a reminder: Tuesday is primary day. Go vote. Or else the Kink-i-acs will be pestering you to sign their petition until Lord knows when.

The Once And Future Mayor Pro Tem?

Carol Alvarado: “`I intend to temporarily – temporarily, make sure y’all wrote that down right – step aside from the Office of Mayor Pro Tem pending the outcome of the grand jury investigation.”

Anne Linehan: “We got it. Temporarily. Wanna bet?”

Kevin Whited: “In my view, the move is likely to be permanent, not temporary. Mayor White’s agenda and priorities trump Carol Alvarado’s political needs.”

Stace Medellin: “…Alvarado gave a right and left hook to those that had been attempting to use this whole situation for political gain, i.e., Addie Wiseman and Shelley Sekula-Rodriguez-Gibbs… It looks like the four employees will be going down for this, and, if all goes well, Alvarado will be back as Mayor Pro-Tem when the DA is done. Of course, who knows how long that will take. Let’s see if the opportunists named above get chummy with the DA and leak out whatever they make up–it really wouldn’t surprise me. Like I’ve always said, Wiseman is looking to climb and, given that the Republican Party doesn’t have many positions for her to take a stab at, I’m sure her eyes are on the big prize in the City.”

Military recruiter case decided

I understand the desire on the part of some professors to overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but it always seemed to me that those law schools which sued the government recently were trying to take the money and run, so to speak. Moreover, keeping the military – one of America’s largest employers – off-campus would seem to be bad for students and the whole country. I, of course, can’t speak for Kuff, and I have no idea what his feelings are on this.

I haven’t read any of the opinions yet, but the Chronicle reports that the Supreme Court unanimously decided to uphold a federal law requiring schools that take federal money to open their doors to military recruiters.

Not if, but when

Things which are supposedly imminent, on the grand scale of things:

  • The release of the city’s report on the Carol Alvarado payroll-padding scandal, according to the H-Chron.
  • The release of Guns-and-Roses long-awaited (nine years!) album Chinese Democracy (pardon me, but considering I was about 10 (that oh-so-impressionable age) when Use Your Illusion came out, GN’R necessarily holds a special place in my heart).
  • In another blast from the past, the reformation of the Ma Bell monopoly.
  • The failure of New Orleans’ levee system (again), according to engineers and libertarians.
  • The moment when we discover whether Vince Young is as smart as Mack Brown says he is, or as dumb as the Wonderlic says he is.