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March 7th, 2006:

And I’m back

And we’re all back from California, where the travel was made much more bearable by the fact that my daughter is a mutant alien from the Planet of Unnaturally Agreeable Toddlers. How people with more normal children handle flying is a mystery to me. Thanks to all my super guest stars and the fine job they did in my absence this week. A big round of applause, please, for Julia, Ellen, Elizabeth, and especially Jim, who is now the second-most prolific author on this site and who got one of his posts linked on the Chron opinion page.

It’s primary day today and the results are trickling in. BOR has all the threads for following that you could want. I’ll weigh in on the finals as they become known. In case you’re curious, our home voice mail had six political robocalls between Wednesday and Sunday – two from Bob Gammage, one from Wes Clark on Gammage’s behalf, one from Chris Bell, one an anonymous attack on Bell, and somewhat oddly one from “First Lady” Anita Perry on behalf od Railroad Commish Elizabeth Ames Jones. How many calls did you get?

Adios, Mofos.

Kuff will be back shortly, and I’m heading off to my precinct convention (are you?) You’ve been a good audience.

For election results tonight, check out the posts put together by my colleagues over at BOR..

CD7 Scuttlebutt

Over in CD7, the Murff Campaign is accusing (here and in e-mails) the Henley campaign of massive overnight sign-stealing. Says candidate Murff:

Late last night, and into the early morning hours, I joined volunteers who placed “Murff for Congress” campaign signs at all polling locations, but it has now come to our attention that much of our effort has gone to waste.

Nearly every sign placed within loop 610 has been removed.

Who says Democrats are wusses?*

The Murff e-mail was followed by a classic reply from a salty precinct chairman who reminds us all not to put signs up until dawn on Election Day (which makes a lot of sense, although I wouldn’t have ever thought of it myself).** Which would explain why, miraculously, a bajillion Garnet Coleman signs appeared at dawn. Today. Across the street.***

* (Not intended to condone sign-stealing.)

** The same e-mail suggests the sign-stealing was not done by Henley but by Republicans. Welcome to the Twilight Zone boys and girls…

*** This is the obligatory “Garnet Coleman is my hero” footnote.

UPDATE: In other, more official scuttlebutt, turnout today was expected to be low, according to Karl-Thomas. We shall see very soon how accurate his predictions are.

Takin’ care of the constituents

Others have mentioned embattled Representative Tom DeLay’s election night plans, but only Juanita puts it in proper context:

March 7 – You can spent tonight watching election returns with Tom Campbell, Nick Lampson, Mike Fjeltand, or Pat Baig for free. You DeLay voters will have to cough-up at $500 and a plane ticket to DeeCee — that’s IF you got an invitation, of course.

Applying the most important test in contemporary American politics to CD22 – do you want to drink a beer with somebody who will charge you for it?

P.S. Ron Paul is going to be partying up in DC instead of in Texas too. No word on whether Cynthia-not- Nancy Sinatra will be hosting a free party.

Demo Incognito v. The Mighty Slime Machine

Karl-Thomas directs us to red hot polling numbers from SUSA which indicate that more than 60 percent of Texans are unfamiliar with both Chris Bell and Bob Gammage. Only four percent are unfamiliar with Rick Perry. The margin of error is about 5 percent.

Because Perry’s numbers are net-positive but still generally craptacular (44 percent positive, 37 negative), and because both Bell and Gammage have basically failed to introduce themselves to Texans thusfar, I would predict with 100 percent confidence that El Gobernador would go negative tommorrow on the winner of today’s Democratic primary… if it were a two-party election. Rather, I suspect that the Carole-Rick funfest will continue, since Strayhorn is almost as well known as Perry and a fair bit more popular (among those who are familiar with them, Strayhorn is at about 49 positive and Perry is around 45 positive). The Kinkster actually registered a net-negative favorability rating of 26 positive/27 negative/21 neutral/26 unfamiliar. This may be a good time for Kinky Friedman to go back to writing mystery novels.

I guess we’ll see tomorrow where the Perry camp is going to go with this. My best guess is that they’re going to focus on knocking out Carole, hope Kinky fades into oblivion, and then fling mud fast and furious at the yet-to-be-named Democrat in the fall. I would encourage each and everyone of you to cut a check for whoever wins tonight (if it doesn’t go to a runoff), because we all know it’s coming.

P.S., I keep getting e-mail spam from the Perry campaign. Am I alone in wondering why?

UPDATE: At least publicly, Perry’s pollster is saying something quite different. Personally, I think Baselice is overestimatin the percentage of voters who are Republicans (I think it’s more like 40-30-30), although perhaps if by 50-15-30 he meant actual likely turnout in November, then I suppose it’s possible.