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“Mama Says, Little Boys Who Swear Grow Up to be Democrats.”

Kevin Drum: “[T]he Neuropolitics folks claim to have discovered… [that] Liberals curse more than conservatives. Of course, we have reason to.” Continue reading

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On (Not) Watching the Oscars

I’m not watching the Oscars, but I hear Reese Witherspoon won for best actress, so I am happy. Continue reading

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On the Dynamics of the Circular Firing Squad

I get e-mail (it’s a mass e-mail; I don’t generally quote personal e-mails): It all starts Tuesday night. Get yourself involved and elected as a delegate to your Senate Convention held March 25. Introduce, support and pass as many of … Continue reading Continue reading

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George Bush Doesn’t Care About Earth-People

There are a lot of important headlines in today’s H-Chron, including the story about the Pat Tillman investigation and the story which sort of suggests Tom DeLay might lose. But here’s one story that you probably won’t see blogged anywhere … Continue reading Continue reading

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BlackBerry settlement reached

This happened on Friday, but since I do BlackBerry for a living, I wanted to note that its maker, Research in Motion (RIM) settled its patent infringement lawsuit with NTP for a cool $612 million. Though one could easily ask … Continue reading Continue reading

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