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Big XII lives

Wow. “The University of Texas’ athletics programs will continue competing in the Big 12 Conference,” the school announced Monday in a statement. Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin released the following statement: “Texas A&M is a proud member of the … Continue reading

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Michael Williams followup

Between some comments I got on my previous post and some emails I received as well, I can say with confidence that the Michael Williams in question is the HCCS Trustee. In addition, it is my understanding that he intends … Continue reading

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Personality matters

Lisa Falkenberg, writing earlier this week about longtime teacher Jamie Simmon leaving HISD after 27 years to take a job with YES Prep: The decision, she says, has nothing to do with the daunting challenges of educating Lee’s largely at-risk, … Continue reading

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Ellis criticizes county’s public defender proposal

State Sen. Rodney Ellis, who authored the bill that allowed Texas counties to create public defender offices, is not pleased with the plan that Harris County currently has to establish one. Ellis and other critics of the system say it … Continue reading

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The cupcake controversy

I recently came across an interesting blog about children and food, particularly school food, called The Lunch Tray that’s worth your time to take a look at. I especially liked this post about the habit of bringing cupcakes to school … Continue reading

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