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RIP, health exchange bill

Can’t say this is a surprise. State Rep. John Zerwas, the Simonton Republican who has filed legislation to implement one of the key elements of federal health care reform, said his bill may be permanently stuck. Zerwas, who proposed establishing … Continue reading

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Moving the primaries back

In the 2007 legislative session, there was some energy to move the primary date up in Texas, on the theory that an earlier primary would finally enable Texas voters to have a say in the Presidential process, which was usually … Continue reading

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Schools begin to feel the effect of budget cuts

If you’re an HISD principal, the next few weeks will be no fun at all. More public school employees can expect pink slips in coming weeks as state law requires districts to notify teachers by mid-April – technically, 45 days … Continue reading

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TPC splits the difference

Bike advocates get a partial victory as the Transportation Policy Council voted to keep the last $12.8 million of unallocated federal funds on alternate mode projects instead of redirecting it towards roads. “Whatever we do in this room is supposed … Continue reading

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The first people

Great story. Texas scientists have found the oldest confirmed site of human habitation in the Americas just north of Austin, where the Edwards Plateau meets the coastal plains. The unprecedented haul of artifacts from as far back as 15,500 years … Continue reading

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