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Saturday video break: You can do anything with a ukulele

Well, maybe you can’t. But Jake Shimabukuro can, as his rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” will attest: The only thing I would criticize is the lack of head-banging at the expected moment. But beyond that, it’s full of awesome.

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Rally Day

Thanks in part to our only Governor, those attending today’s rally are even more fired up about it. As thousands of teachers, school staffers and parents prepare for a state Capitol rally Saturday against education cuts, they’ve found new recruits … Continue reading

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HISD starts cutting

HISD’s board of trustees began the budget cutting process on Thursday in anticipation of cuts to public education funding in the Legislature. Barring some really good news from the Lege, there will be much more of this to come. The … Continue reading

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The EaDo decade

Things are looking good for a wave of development in East Downtown, a/k/a EaDo. Discussions are under way for a six-block-long linear park in EaDo, and there is talk, still in the early stages, of a 1,000-room convention hotel. The … Continue reading

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Two Republican Senators oppose Bradley’s nomination to the Forensic Science Commission

Excellent. The confirmation of Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley as chairman of the state Forensic Science Commission appears to be in deep trouble, as two Senate Republicans confirmed today that they will vote no. That would leave Bradley four … Continue reading

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