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Weekend link dump for April 22

There’s an alternate universe in which we now already know who most of our parties’ nominees are. Polarization is the norm in American politics, not the exception. Beware the gay icebergs and their radical gay iceberg agendas. Texts from my … Continue reading

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Urban farming

The Lege wants to be more supportive of it. For the first time that anyone could recall, the Texas House Agriculture and Livestock committee had a joint hearing with the House Urban Affairs committee to discuss ways to help expand … Continue reading

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Before Beren

Meet Arlington Burton Adventist Academy, the school that had to deal with TAPPS’ reluctance to reschedule playoff games before Beren. Before the Beren Academy boys basketball team captured national attention a few months ago, another school about 300 miles away … Continue reading

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New frontiers in spam

Text message spam. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long to be seen as a major problem. Once the scourge of e-mail providers and the Postal Service, spammers have infiltrated the last refuge of spam-free communication: cellphones. In the United … Continue reading

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