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Weekend link dump for April 29

No, you’re not imagining it. That Sunday talk show you watched this morning always has more Republicans on it. The “choices” women make around childrearing and career are often not really choices at all. Why did the Pioneer spacecraft slow … Continue reading

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The other PPP April polls

In addition to their Presidential poll, Public Policy Polling asked about the Senate race and the future of Rick Perry. In their poll of the GOP Senate primary, they see things tightening up. Every time PPP polls Texas the Republican … Continue reading

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The state shows its intent in Planned Parenthood lawsuit

As we know, Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas in order to block the “Affiliate Rule” that Rick Perry is using to deny Medicaid funds to their clinics for the Women’s Health Program. In the opening … Continue reading

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Residency is more state of mind than anything else

From the “Home is where you say it is” department. Her dogs live there, her mail arrives there, and her “stuff” is still there. But Delicia Herrera insists she no longer lives at the home she owns on SW 39th … Continue reading

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