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Weekend link dump for April 1

F-f-f-foolin’… So did you buy Etch-A-Sketch stock last week? But how can you prove that someone loves formal logic or not? Be careful who you brag to about avoiding jury duty. I for one welcome our robotic jellyfish overlords. Rape … Continue reading

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Supreme Court keeps beaches closed

Phooey. Affirming the private-property rights of shoreline landowners, the Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that the public’s right of access to state beaches cannot be guaranteed when hurricanes or storms reshape the coast. The sharply divided ruling will limit the … Continue reading

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How do school districts spend their money?

One report claims it’s too hard to tell. Tracking the billions of dollars spent on public education each year is virtually impossible, with no real measures to determine if the education of 5 million students is efficient, suitable and adequate, … Continue reading

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San Antonio going for desalinization

Another thing we’ll be seeing more of in the near future. The San Antonio Water System is now pumping salt water in southern Bexar County as it looks for new water sources for the city. Tuesday the utility gave a … Continue reading

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If it were good for Travis it would be good elsewhere as well

This article asks if Travis County is better off being split into five different Congressional districts. Seems to me that’s a question that answers itself, but I’ll play along. The voters and geography of Travis County are split among five … Continue reading

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